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dalmation puppies for sale/ training

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Dalmatian can be a watchdog for family and a sweet companions. I fell in love with how smart the breed is. There are not many dalmatian puppies for sale at affordable costs. This website said, Good breeders will ensure that both the parents of your new puppy will have good, even temperaments Moreover, they will also provide a loving and engaging home environment to their dogs. https://dalmatianpuppyplace.com .I'm wondering if they're easily trained

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Easily trained to do what? 


Every one I have seen has been awful, but then again they were originally bred / designed to run alongside stage coaches for many many miles and all the ones I've seen drag their owners around on the very short walk they get each day, and the owners complain about how destructive they are. 


I am sure they could be very nice in the right environment, a bit like a husky etc. 

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My daughters Damnation was untrainable, it ate thouands of £'s worth of stuff around her house including her sofa and about 3 square feet of dividing wall. We used to have it for the day sometimes and it would dig one particular piece of lawn, nothing seemed to deter it, eventually I laid my ladder over the lawn where he liked to dig and 10 minutes later I had a series of square patches, dam thing had used the ladder as a template.

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4 hours ago, Agriv8 said:

I said it 1:30 and TIME FOR YOU NAP AND MEDICINE. 

in dichies case - DO YOU NEED YOUR GINGER !?!



last thing i want is ginger.........had a vindaloo yesterday.....i thought i was "passing"  and R.N.L.I. distress flare this morning..

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21 hours ago, Mungler said:

I thought Dalmatians were specifically pegged as the least intelligent breed and also known for being a bit bitey.

 Depends how you define intelligence, biddablity is generally used but is so narrow. Dalmatians, beagles, hounds etc were not bred to be biddable, but they are intelligent in other ways. Try teaching a wolf to play dead, or argue it is not intelligent. 

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