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Sea fishing with lures

Doc Holliday

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Went out yesterday near Seaford with bass rod and lures. Not for the first time I've drawn a blank using lures. I spent nearly £400 a few years back on bass lure fishing kit (rod, reel, lures, etc.) after watching a few Henry Gilbet videos on YT.

Although I enjoy the time going fishing, occasionally it would nice to hook a lovely bass. Maybe I'm going in the wrong conditions (it was a lovely still day yesterday with very little or no wind), or maybe I need to be fishing at dawn or dusk. Or maybe I'm just having some back luck which, without, I'd have no luck at all. 

Keen to know others successes or failures where seafishing with lures is concerned. 

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When i was younger i used to walk the shore on an incoming tide where there was some seaweed and rocks, and cast out a little spinner between the seaweed trails, it's suprising what you can catch in just a foot or so of water, the Bass seem to hug the shoreline hunting out stuff under the rising seaweed, once had an 8lb bass in about two foot of water, usualy it was smaller Bass, great fun on a light set up and then release them for another day.

Also did the same with a fly rod never casting out furthur than 10 ft from shore, when the bass goes for it you will have fun.

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I mentioned recently on another thread where, when I had a boat, we used to watch for the gulls working whitebait that were driven to the surface by school bass. We would motor uptide and drift through the shoal with a light spinning rod and Toby lure. There are probably many other more successful lures on  the market now, but the Toby lure was the thing to use in those days. This was around 50 years ago off the North Kent coast (Pan Sands) and I`ve no doubt that fish stocks, particularly bass, are greatly diminished now. It was cracking sport. For larger bass we used to use mackerel strips quite successfully.

Happy days.


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Long before I was born my dad took my mum Sea fishing. It was a nice day apparently and he was bored in the house. He showed her what to do a few times and then let her have a go. On the first or second cast she hooked and then landed a 10lb bass. Somewhere in an album there's a picture of her posing beside it with a huge grin on her face. my older brother recounts the story better than me and if I remember dad tried in vane for a few hours to hook a fish, any fish, without success. 

Therin lies my knowledge of bass fishing from the shore. 

On a boat over a wreck then any lure will do I've found. 

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