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Help with an unusual finding

Doc Holliday

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Evening all! You know how, when travelling down a country lane, you'll sometimes clip a stupid pheasant or 2 as they fly up to get out of the way.  Well, last week I had 2 do this and, rather than let them flap about injured and/or go to waste, I did the decent thing and dispatched them humanely 😏 

Even though it was fairly warm last week, I managed to keep them cool-ish, one of them did start to smell a bit 'high'. The other started leaking a bit from the vent. After 4 days I thought I'd best prepare them. 

One had a very unusual purple-ish hue to the crop (see photo). I haven't seen this before. The other was unaffected.

On further prepping, both birds thighs had a deep maroon colour to the thighs (see other photo). I wasn't sure if this was connected with the purple crop but it was in both. The one without the purple crop was the one leaking from the vent. 

Both birds were from different parts of the same estate. 



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Hanging game nowadays is not like it used to be, we no longer have the freezing conditions forcing the cream from the milk bottles on the door step irrupting like larva from mount Etna. No real reason to be hanging anything, skin or pluck on the day and then either freeze or cook. 

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1 hour ago, Old farrier said:

Purple could well be bruising from being hit by a car 🤔

Exactly what I thought O F , you can get the same problem when the ground is rock hard with frost and the bird hit the ground from a fair height , the bird look lovely when it is hanging up in the game larder then when you pluck it you find it is Black and Blue from bruising and Green around the vent , add a touch of Red from the blood marks you end up with a bird of many colours and after a few days hanging it is not one of the best to pick out for eating .

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Ok, so now I've had a few more in the bag since this, there have been no others with that strange discolouring on the crop. It is odd that both cock birds had this issue and yet the hen didn't. Both had a very strong smell about them and what leaked out of the vent destroyed the dustsheet I wrapped them in (just to keep them contained until I got them home. 

I've also hung the other birds for several days, or longer over the colder days, with no issues. This must have been some kind of virus or infection. Would avian flu have this effect or would it be something else? 

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