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Dash cam recommendations please

Vince Green

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Always used nextbase in car and van, the 4xx series. 

Just as a heads up, some insurance companies will class hardwired dashcams as a notifiable modification so check first (yes i know silly but there you go). Mine are plugged in with the wire tucked in around the trim.

Does anyone get a discount for having one fitted? Considering it could save the insurance companies thousands. 

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I was also asked about a dash cam.

I have just replaced my older dash cam. It seemed to be getting a bit hot. I plugged it into my computer for a few hours - worked perfectly.

I then became apparent that clearing the windscreen was also heating up the dash cam. I gave my old dash cam to a mate, for his daughter's car.

Paid about £40 for a Binatone which seems a cut above my older dash cam.

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The Next Base I have is plugged in and the wiring tucked away. It does not have a screen, but is viewed on my phone. This keeps the camera size small and with no distractions. It works very well, as recently tested by a woman driver coming towards me.............on the wrong side of a dual carriageway. She continued past me, only to be met by the cavalcade of vehicles coming behind me  !

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Hi gang.

            I'm after a dash cam and Halfords is quite close to me but all i have ever heard about Halfords are not very good reports. 

            I suppose it depends on which branch you go to. Any thoughts on this ?.

                                                                                                                      Thanks all.


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