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What do people do for a living then?


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I make electronic doo-dads, serial cards, digitizers, airgun chronoscopes, that sort of stuff. The money is good, in fact I made enough in January to take the rest of the year off, problem is I have a serious antique gun buying addiction that keeps my nose vaguely near to the grindstone.


I want to retire and become a cannon maker. I do like cannon, I'm particularly keen to try my hand at wheelwrighting. The house is full of drying oak and elm for my first ECW piece :devil:

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at present I'm an unemployed, human cannonball, but I'm willing to travel and think that I'm of the right calibre to do the job if anyone is looking for such an employee! Seriously though, I used to work as a pest control officer for Brighton and Hove environmental services, but due to cut backs, last in, first out, you know the rest!

I'm now a bus driver in the City of Brighton and Hove, I still control pests, but bigger species, I.E. =drunks, students, moaning grannies, lost foreigners, screaming toddlers, and of course, not forgetting the ever popular school kid gangs! I guess I'm just a lucky guy having a job I love so much! I'm thinking of doing something less stressful, traffic warden perhaps?


longnetter. :/:devil:??? B) :sly:

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I live in Brighton on the notorious WHITEHAWK estate. I've lived down South eight years now, but originate from BROMSGROVE, WORCESTERSHIRE.

Most Whitehawk people are very nice, hard working folk, but are let down by the odd family of anti socials, misfits and drug culture inspired losers that are endemic to all big estates whatever area of the country you live in! Despite what you see in the papers, Whitehawk has a lot to give if people give it a chance, if you could see how busy the buses are in the mornings, one every six minutes, and most of them full of people off to work, you'd see that the majority are held back by the minority! Mind you, the newspapers only print the bad stuff, drugs and raids make better reading than 'Ron Smith goes off to work again this morning!' I have a lot of permission around Brighton, golf clubs, farms and other places and so apparently, the 'Whitehawk' tag doesn't deter the landowners that much!


must get some kip now, it's 01.15 and I'm at work at 08.30 this morning.


cheers mate,

longnetter. :yp: ???:):D:lol:

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I'm suprised at the number of students on here!!!!!.....................I feel a right old gitt!! :*)


Cranners........I had you down as the 'great grandaddy' of all shooting men :):lol:???


I myself am a Chartered Survey.........who basically sells, lets, and manages, commercial property, and industrial estates.


I also have my own security company, dealing with licensed premises......... (in english.....supplying door staff to pubs and night clubs).


Paul in North Lincs.

Edited by Paul in North Lincs.
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I honestly thought there would be more agricultural types on here.


I am pleased to see so many people from varying backgrounds who have a keen interest in the sport.


Perhaps the bloody government should take more heed of the people involved and the diversity - it isn't just toffs and farmers as they all seem to think :<


Well done guys and gals :blink:

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