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    pigeon shooting ,target air pistol and .22rifle(carbine) fresh water fishing,

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  1. Stour-boy

    Turtle Doves

    Heard one this morning ,my neighbour reckons it’s a solitary bird calling for a mate, been hearing the rolling coo ? For about 3 weeks now, have yet to see it..... ever hopeful. S.B.
  2. Stour-boy


    I couldn’t eat a whole grandchild....... Enjoy your special day. 😀😀
  3. I have a fair bit of reloading gear all 12 gauge as I have gone over to 16. and I have a mec press and tools which was made for me. Pm me if interested.
  4. Nothing to do with Red mullet and chips from the chip shop underneath.😂
  5. Stour-boy


    Have you tried Brogdale it’s a national collection of apple trees ? They do identification if you take them an apple . Steve.
  6. Stour-boy

    Time off

    Hide Nets are a good in between. Steve.
  7. Looks like a JR Hartley signature, well the first 3 letters. Enjoy it Sculley..🙂
  8. Hi Hedge, I have decided to hardwire out to the shed. thanks for all the advice and I certainly know a lot more now . and thanks to all of you who have contributed to the thread, cheers S.B.
  9. Hi hedge, thanks for the info. But I am a bit lost when you ask whether I want single or dual band . S.B. Hi Hedge thanks for making it understandable my provider is BT. and the hub is I think a BTHub6-GS7N with 4 yellow ports I also have 2 bt comtrend units which the tele is on one these were supplied to save ripping up the carpets S.B.
  10. Hi hedge, thanks for the info. But I am a bit lost when you ask whether I want single or dual band . S.B.
  11. Hi guys, if I use a cat6 cable how do I terminate the ends ? I have a bt router with the yellow terminal blocks so what will I need at shed end ? I use a Mac book air and an iPad. S.B.
  12. Hi Guys, can anyone lead me to the right way to enable me to get wi fi into my man cave/workshop, Its about 20 to 25 yards away from the house. At the moment the signal is about 3yards shy of my workshop, would one of these plug in boosters work and have you any experience of these ? S.B.
  13. Well written Chris, (OB) you should write a book!!! S.B.
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