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  1. “Box of sparks for the spark plugs”
  2. I have suffered from reflux for a longtime and I have a Lansaprazole, one daily but this wears off as the day goes on if I eat late I have a couple of spoonfuls of Greek Yoghurt before bedtime or if I do get reflux in the night it’s out to the fridge and a couple of spoonfuls then straight back to sleep. I tried all sorts of products before that didn’t work. GREEK YOGHURT WORKS AND IS VERY GOOD FOR YOU. S B.
  3. Just increase their prison sentence initially beyond the minimum 6 ? Months.
  4. Could be an original OPINEL knife blade !!!!!!!! superb workmanship on your knives Ditchman. Well done. Stour boy.
  5. Someone is arranging a bit of P & Q for the locals ha ha.
  6. Stour-boy

    Plant ID

    Old Boggy will know just mark my words !!!!
  7. Had a pair of wellies last year , stood in water waiting for geese to appear noticed right foot getting wet, upon checking when I got home the seam had come apart where the heel meets the side of the wellie, Question is what can I use to seal it up with, I can open the seal a little and would be able to pour something in, the rubber seems to be a neoprene type but knowing my luck it won’t be stickable, any ideas ? Stour boy
  8. Griping stomach pains 😖😖😖
  9. Go to an independent auto electrician that’s what they are there for. You have probably spent more on bits than what they would charge you. I was an auto electrician now retired and very often we would have a customer come in complaining of a flat battery and a lot of the time especially when the weather started to get colder and nights drawing in ie more load on the battery the problem was a badly adjusted fan belt unable to deal with the load the alternator required. Belt adjusted, problem solved. A certain exhaust and battery chain would sell and fit a battery then send the customer along to us if there was a problem . The customer often said ,” well the battery was over 2 old so it needed replacing (eye roll) . S.B.
  10. I reckon it’s to do with the football ?
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