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  1. Re contrails being longer, planes are flying a lot faster hence longer contrails. simples or am I missing something? S.B.
  2. Looks to me like the piper deliberately turned left to break the police line. I think the policemen involved were correct in not letting the piper break through the line irrespective of whether he was a pensioner or not. S.B.
  3. Looks like a steering box. what are the Numbers and letters on the casing ? the splines and groove for a bolt are the same as steering boxes have to attach the collumn S. B.
  4. I fully agree that it kicked of with yellow lines and traffic wardens, car park charging ,that was the thin end of the wedge, By-By High Street. 😞
  5. Be good for bait.🙂
  6. It’s common name is Pheasant berry  Latin name Leycestria

  7. Apparently all toilet paper is made in China.
  8. We’re the older mini clutch cover bolts That thread 1/4 UNC. S. B.
  9. Heard one this morning ,my neighbour reckons it’s a solitary bird calling for a mate, been hearing the rolling coo ? For about 3 weeks now, have yet to see it..... ever hopeful. S.B.
  10. Stour-boy


    I couldn’t eat a whole grandchild....... Enjoy your special day. 😀😀
  11. I have a fair bit of reloading gear all 12 gauge as I have gone over to 16. and I have a mec press and tools which was made for me. Pm me if interested.
  12. Nothing to do with Red mullet and chips from the chip shop underneath.😂
  13. Have you tried Brogdale it’s a national collection of apple trees ? They do identification if you take them an apple . Steve.
  14. Stour-boy

    Time off

    Hide Nets are a good in between. Steve.
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