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  1. Ford escort mk1 1300 sport, soon destroyed that engine and put in a 1600 out of a capri.
  2. After doing some work at Woburn Safari park a few years ago ,I learnt that all breeds have a stud book that is kept so all zoos and animal parks can arrange the breeding and movement of specimens around to try and keep a diversity in genes.
  3. On the Atkin Grant and Lang web page they are advertising a gun fitting service while you wait in December, has anyone else tried this?
  4. Latest update. Ridgeons builders merchant have a deal at the moment £50+ vat for a bare unit. So I picked one up at the weekend and tried it tonight. Worked well and lasted well with a 5amp battery. They are also sell a hedge trimmer for the same price.
  5. Southams have an auction at Bedford next Thursday
  6. Thanks for the replies,I think as I already have the batteries will give one a go. It's mainly to tidy up around posts and trees where I can't get with the lawnmower, not large areas of rough grass.
  7. Anybody on here use a cordless strimmer, my 2stroke strimmer is playing up again so I thought about a cordless one might be an option. I have 5amp batterys with my other kit so I could by a bare unit, all my other kit is Makita. Thanks.
  8. After seeing my first swallows on 7th April, I've only seen odd ones passing through up until today, when I saw 3/4 going in and out of the stables where they usually nest.
  9. Swallows arrived in Bedfordshire today.
  10. What do you recommend as a good value large towing vehicle, must be suitable as a family car as well. Thanks
  11. Guy Martin back on c4 at 8pm tonight, this time trying to be an f1 mechanic.
  12. If it's the dewalt drill Snoozer's interested in ,I would be interested in the Hilti if it takes ads drills.PM sent
  13. I think it would be worth my while driving to Norfolk to get my mower serviced from now on.
  14. Thanks for the reply,if they are off a 12bore i'm sure they would not fit a 20.If anyone has got a shortened stock for a 686 20 bore I would be interested for my lad .
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