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16 minutes ago, Whitebridges said:

The last week or so we seem to be inundated with Pied Flycatchers all along the Norfolk coastline. Sightings from Burnham Overy, Blakeney point, Holme, Winterton and Beeston Common to name but a few. It would seem the autumn migration is well underway.    

Same here along the Lincolnshire coast. Common Rosefinch (anything but common) sighted, netted and ringed.

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Last winter got some close up views of a pair of water rail, very obliging as they fed along a hedgerow in full sight. We often get peregrines in off the coast hunting and training their young ones. Had gannets diving on mackerel whilst out kayak fishing here in s.devon. A favourite walk on the river dart almost always produces goosander, dipper and kingfishers.

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8 minutes ago, JDog said:

There is a White Tailed Lapwing at Blacktoft Sands. A rarity.

Not a rarity such as the white tailed lapwing, but this did remind me of an albino lapwing that visited the same field near me every winter for about seven years. 

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In addition to seeing the Pinks heading North yesterday I saw a raft of 300 plus Common Scoters, not a bird I have seen in any numbers before. 

I read up about them and an interesting fact emerged. They apparently migrate from the Irish Sea over land and over night to the English Channel before heading North to breed.

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