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3 minutes ago, fatchap said:

If you google "can you eat acorns" it seems you can but the picture is clearly hazelnuts.


I've looked it up, and there was a program on today where they were collected and eaten. I know that once the tannin has been boiled out of them, they are safe to eat. I'm planning on trying to roast a few.

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12 minutes ago, GingerCat said:

The Germans used them to make a coffee in the war. 

Yes, ersatz, but that was through necessity, not because they liked the taste!:w00t:

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1 minute ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, let us know how it goes Steve, and hope all is better with you and wife, cheers

It will later this year when I try them of course, but try them I will and will report my findings. 

Yes, we are getting there thanks. My wife has still lost the sense of taste and smell, and I've just got a slight chest problem, where I feel like someone is giving me a bear hug. I can't take deep breath's but my blood/oxygen levels are good. 


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3 hours ago, steve_b_wales said:

Has anyone tried eating Acorns? I know they have to have the tannin leached from them before they are safe to eat. 

Surely, the best way to eat acorns is to eat the pigeons and squirrels that have already digested said acorns 🤔😁😂

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