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Torn knee cartilage


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Yep, last year I damaged the cartilage around my knee, went for MRI scan, my doctor said the damage cartilage needed trimming (keyhole surgery) so he made an appointment to see a specialist, on seeing the specialist he informed me that they no longer think keyhole surgery is the best course of treatment for damaged cartilage, his suggestion was steroid injection and gentle exercise.

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Had it all done ,cortizone injections in Army, left knee was flushed years ago, then a few years later the cartlidge shaved, and finally i snapped the ACL and had to have a couple of tendons from my thigh removed and screwed across my knee to stop it snapping out of place.
My advice, leave it alone, once anyone goes in to your knee it is a downward slope, your knee will give up a t some stage then you can have a knee replacement .

My right knee is also damaged, a pain specialist told me years ago to live with the pain stating the same as i have said above, it's good advice, and i told the consultant who was going to operate on it that i had changed my mind, that was 8 years ago, i am still walking about lol.

Work on building up the muscle around your knee, it will help support it.

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My knees are broken there are two types of steroid injection afaik 

joint to be done with ultrasound which allows them to inject into the joint 

soft tissue which is usually applied to soft bit at the rear of the knee.

i have had several of the latter for arthritis and usually gives me 6 months of relief  . I get a lecture on body weight my bmi is arround 26 ! But as the doctor says it will keep me going until a point where knee replacement is only option!

I usually start thinking about booking an injection when my knee wakes me up In the night!


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Had keyhole to tidy minor tears on cartilage, was night and day. 

Later discovered big hole in my cartilage from years of football. Had a further op to drill small holes to generate scar tissue on the cartilage in an effort to cover over the gap. Didn’t work and was probably worse for a year. Pain at the start was horrendous. Would not recommend - micro fractures was the procedure.

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I've been relatively lucky with my knees, but ALL of the people I knew in my time in the military, EVERY single one with knee problems had them made worse once the medical side decided to go in to investigate the cause.

As has been said above, it is often better to put up with some pain, understand what caused it and live with it rather than make things worse.

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I understand that all knee issues produce various levels of pain and discomfort.
Having had both my knees replaced, one 18 years ago and one 15 years ago, (they do last longer than 10 years) , I sympathise with anyone experiencing the higher levels.
The lack of mobility, permanent pain , even when sleeping, shuffling up stairs on your backside, are all things you don't need.
In my experience arthroscopies ( I had 8 across both knees) are just delaying ops and all medications tried are either short term, or don't work at all.

The relief and immediate improvement in my quality of life after each replacement was astounding.
Its the operation that I would recommend any sufferer to get, either by pressuring your NHS provider, or getting a Bank loan, even if you have to rob the Bank.😊




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Tore the cartilage pretty bad in my left knee around 15 years ago, I put up with the pain and inconvenience of the  torn but still attached section popping out and eventually back in again for a while till it decided to do so one time whilst I was carrying a 25kg motor up a flight of steel stairs when on a night shift, when it used to pop out the knee used to give way which was OK and I could recover from a tumble most of the time, that occasion prompted me to get it sorted.

I had keyhole surgery where it was cut out and trimmed by one of the best knee surgeons at the time as cartilage does not repair itself naturally, been bone on bone since and I still put some miles in whilst out and about during the year, no doubt the knee will require a replacement at some stage but at least it doesnt pop out and collapse me anymore.

All depends how bad yours is and if it lets you down at all as mine used to and when least expecting it, and also how deep your pockets are if considering going private with the NHS waiting lists time being at an all time high.

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