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  1. Hi Cat Thanks for your reply. i assume standard tactics are fine. ??? no interest yet on the barley on my permissions. its not quite ripe enough just yet. but with this weeks sun & heat that may change very soon. But I have seen bird numbers building on barley all over Herts, Essex, Cambs. Also i have seen some birds dropping in on Wheat in some areas. Not as many as barley though. anyway. Keep filling your boots. regards. DP
  2. Hi Jacko thanks for you reply. Yes I've got the flight lines today on a recce. and yes they are feeding on the pea's very well.
  3. Hi All ( It's been a while ) I have a new permission that has just come my way in the last week. However it has a field of pea's on it. With birds showing on it. The Pea's are about 18" to 24" high at the moment. Although having shot pigeons for many many years I have never shot over pea's. Any do's and dont's or tips that may help me please. Also when are pea's usually harvested. how tall do pea's get. Any useful tackticks that work well on Pea's. Regards DP
  4. Just sprinkle Youngs 303 inside your car. job done.


    Aldi have starting today a tool specialbuys. In it they have a 12 piece spring clamp set. I find them very useful for clipping my hide nets to the poles and fencing. £ 4.99 set
  6. I find Advocate works very well on my Cocker. he never has fleas.
  7. My mate has a 9mm. very useful on rats around the farm. up to 20 yards it fires a tight little pattern.
  8. Insotel Punta Prima Great place. Been twice in 4 years. Planning to go again next year.
  9. Very good. That takes me back. My Cocker ( Blaze ) is now 4. Never a dull moment with a Cocker.
  10. I've used mine for a few short sessions. They seem to work well. Very pleased so far.
  11. I youst to shoot with his dad a bit back in the early 80's. Back then his dad loved his shooting. Met George a couple of times back then. Just before he hit the big time. Nice bloke. My Mrs is gutted. Both her and her mate were big fans. Great show man. Great live. RIP George
  12. I can see a new Labour Party being formed soon. How it will be financed will be interesting.
  13. Hi Doc I did it for the first time last year. As a shooter for over 35 years. I should have done it years ago. Great fun I hope to go this season about six times or more. All of the comments above are spot on. Enjoy your day out in the countryside.
  14. I almost pulled the trigger on a sparrow hawk today. He came into my decoy pattern head on to me He was breaking in just like a woodie very difficult to spot head on. I assume that's a tacktick they use to attack the birds on the ground from behind. However he came in a shade to quick and I just felt something was not quite right. Lucky for him. I had him in my sights and was just about to let him have it. I'm lucky on my permission I dont get pesterd by ferals.
  15. PB today on fresh drillings. I headed out to have another day on the Bean stubble. I got 30 last Sunday afternoon. However during the week it got re-sewn. Anyway after a recce. The crows were on it and a few woodies so nothing better on offer. So decided to give it a bash. After a few shots the crows went off to the next post code. But the woodies started coming.same flight line as last week. Most birds over flew my decoys to tried to land in the trees above me. Steady action all afternoon I ended up with 65 woodies 3 Jackdaws 2 Crows 130 shots fired. Great fun and my Cocker had
  16. Acorns are very big this year in South Herts. Not as many, but big. Ive not seen them this big for years. All berrys look good this year.
  17. My Cocker just bagged one off the ground this eve. Maybe I should have given it mouth to mouth and sent it along. Oh dear to late.
  18. Well done. Good on you. Watch out for the showers tomorrow. They say they could be very heavy. Hope you fill your boots.
  19. I've seen them feeding on buds round my way in the last couple of weeks. Also I decoyed some yesterday on a field of weeds. After doing very little on the OSR. I watched them going on to this field from my hide. So moved and got a few.
  20. I have one I use to carry my decoys. A nice big bag. But I have not carried any heavy kit in it. On the whole I'm pleased with mine. If I have to carry heavy weight I use my old army Bergan. But it not as big as the maxi bag.
  21. I have small zip ties all along the top edge of my net every 4" apart. I hook these in the G fitting on the top of the poles. If I need to tighten the top edge I just pull the next tie into the G. I use the clips as above to secure the net to the poles lower down. I carry about 12 ( various sizes ). Also I carry guide ropes in a wind if needed.
  22. Found it. The thread was as follows. Title: COLLAPSED COCKER Date: NOV 9th 2014 Started by: delburto AVB Have a read through that, it may help.
  23. We had a thread on here a while back about spaniels collapsing. I have a 2 1/2 yr cocker and give him some snacks during the day when he is working. Also some fellow spaniel owners have warned me to watch for it. Sudden collapse or I guess completely worn out. Sounds like you did the right thing.
  24. Hi Bleeh PM. Trevor8262. He runs a shoot down the A11 near Mildenhall. He could be your man. I was picking up on Monday at the shoot. Nice shoot, good crowd.
  25. Oh yes. By the way. Don't laugh to much.
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