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  1. from a boxful of materials that cost 10x buying the best quality flies available - but there is still something about catching on flies you have tied yourself
  2. I found the air driers needed some alternative fittings, I also took the opportunity to make the 2 different probes I need quick fit as well as quick fit to my 2 cylinders https://www.bestfittings.co.uk/ provided everything I needed
  3. I have found that lofters work best when placed into branches where they have little behind them, it is the silhouette that attracts mostly imho. Although I have several of the hooks I find them a pita, retrieval on a day such as today with high winds is not the game I want to be playing at the end of the day. I have made a 5ft long t bar, sprayed branch colour, that I can put a couple of full bodies on each end, this is then lofted leaving the lofting poles attached. If I am trying to decoy I just use the 2, in a day roost I might use more.
  4. you could ask kynamco in Suffolk, they probably have calibers most of us have not even heard of
  5. in a perfect world this might be just innocent information gathering. In our imperfect world look out for wallet wielding ex driven game shooters approaching your farmers for pigeon shooting. It has happened on and off in the deer world where ex policemen have abused information privilege as well as comittee members of deer societies. As BASC have chosen to ignore scientific evidence regarding lead shot from New Zealand - here is the link again for you Conor https://fishandgame.org.nz/game-bird-hunting-in-new-zealand/hunting-regulations/non-toxic-shot-regulations/ - how can BASC expect us to believe they are going to use the data correctly? I am out - ex BASC, ngo and gwct due to their not limiting their call for a lead ban to meat going in to the public food chain and throwing .410 users under a bus.
  6. yukon photon for me but then I like the simplicity of a dedicated set up
  7. alternative to a dedicated 'lofter pole' carrier - search for fishing rod holdall, plenty out there of all different lengths for around 15 quid delivered item number 352643099769 on eb just one example
  8. with a good rail and qr mounts you can swap between day and night scopes but for a dedicated nv setup I see no advantage. I have a photon in ordinary mounts straight on to the rail of my cz452 and it has stayed fine for 5 years.
  9. Have never understood why mags are loaded on the opposite side to the bolt, this is just as cack handed.
  10. Only 2 babies - you will not be able to afford a really good car and a Caribbean holiday every year then
  11. just my opinion but I have not found a better made flapper than a1 plus their after sales is really good. I would check that the internals of the nighthawk are the same standard as that is where cheap flappers with plastic bits fail.
  12. i use a headlamp for shooting rats with a .410 mossberg pump, after a bit of practice it becomes see it shoot it. Cows have never taken any notice even when shooting right next to them. 2 inch carts are as quiet as 3 in subsonics and just as effective at the short ranges in and around barns - but cheaper. Your 2 links work fine for me. You will find a rapid drop off in numbers seen if you go too often at the same time following the same route - they learn fast.
  13. have had no issues so far with a £160 electric pump from China when lowest UK made price was around £600 - obviously going to be a longevity trade off. At that price for a hand pump worth a go - you pay more for a bike pump - I would add air drier filter(s) which will cost a bit when you take into account the adaptors you need but still a cheap rig.
  14. Long shot but I did hear of a young lad getting his LR back through Social media so here goes Vauxhall Brava pick-up reg X698KET stolen from Suffolk last evening around 8pm from a stockman friend of mine Image is an old one, pre his purchase - no stripes or truckman top also if anyone knows of a brava that might be for sale within 100 miles or so of Bury St Edmunds that would be real handy.
  15. you are very nearly spot on, that is exactly where the traffic jam starts every weekend to get to the beach. A nightmare for locals and if you did not live locally add 4 hours to your working day to get there on time and for getting home
  16. minus 4 here overnight in the brecks, did not see the temp climb above 10 today. I do know of a field of beans going in next week, right next to a decent roost wood. Pigeons have still not started on the rape, still feeding on berries and spread out.
  17. it was probably purchased originally from a1 decoys as that is where most of his stuff seems to have come from
  18. Easiest way is to go on a paid stalk for a cull animal which is not expensive. There are one or two really good guides in Sussex. That is what I did when I started. We had 2 munties hung up next to each other, the guide did one step by step and I followed. What species do you have on your ground?
  19. clay shoot, syndicate shoot or any other type of club, it is always the few that do all the work, often without the thank you. Hats off to all those that are part of the few
  20. I checked on one out of my 2 feeders yesterday when out stalking, not yet touched this year. I did see 1 big buck nearby who's days are numbered. I will need waders to get anyehere near my other feeder as we have a new stream and marsh that will take a while to receed
  21. you know someone is good when they use the word 'just' about their work. Wish I was 'just' that good at anything.
  22. I spent most of my formative years on a 5 acre smallholding doing the good life thing before it came on the TV. With a dwindling market and therefore price for wool a goat becomes a more productive animal than a ewe for a smallholder. For some reason goat meat has never caught on in the UK although that is changing with different ethnicities arriving, maybe it is just historical as such vast fortunes were made in the 19th century from wool with the by product being lamb
  23. Owned a Freelander 1 TD4 for around 80000 miles commuting without a problem apart from a pita brake sensor. My Freelander had less ground clearance than RRs/Discos etc which was a bit of an issue on badly rutted tracks. I drive a farmers Freelander 2 and it is pretty good on slippery mud, all computer controlled you just press a mode button, it is a joy to tow with. Sold my F1 because an L200 truck came up at a price not to be missed. I concur about the roller covers leaking but they do go nicely over a plasterer's tub to cover up dead deer. Have sold my trailer as simply do not need it with the truck happily transporting timber, paving slabs, corrugated, sheets of ply, top soil etc. Used a Ford Ranger to tow the beaters wagon, it went pretty much anywhere. Doubt I will return to a Freelander.
  24. I grew up eating goat on a regular basis, young is good but on the odd occasion we had older meat it was not so bad, better than no meat. I never minded goat's milk either. The tangy soft cheese that was made from the milk was a particular favourite. Useful animals in the UK, goats, especially for clearing overgrown areas, as we have them mostly fenced in. From what I have read the wild ones are not very welcome in NZ.
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