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Iconic movie openings?

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What are the best movie opening sequences out there? So many great movies, so little time, but a great opening often defines a film. If you could narrow it down to three what would it be? To kick things off, I'd go:

2001: A Space Odyssey. That opening sequence is phenomenal, with Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra as the backing.

The Lion King. Whether you're a fan of animated stuff or not, The Circle of Life and the animals coming to Pride Rock is exquisitely choreographed

Saving Private Ryan. Starting with the older Ryan at the cemetery before switching to the beach defences with an eerie quiet before Captain Miller launches onto Omaha was such a personal, intimate entrance to the chaos about to unfold. 

There are my three. Whatcha got?

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Scary movie 2. I just love how childish that movie is, most scenes crack me up but the start of it taking the **** out of most horrors still cracks me up. A lot of it is actual props from the original films afaik. 

Lord of the rings. Id just read the silmarillion/lotr/hobbit back to back and was blown away about they'd done it. I was honestly expecting tripe but he nailed it off the start and had me hooked. The hobbit films are tripe tho. 



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