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We've all done this but is it harmful.


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Picture the scenario.

Three noisy, squabbling grandkids in the back, one noisy wife to my left, and me trying to park the car.

Put on handbrake, gearstick still in 2nd, let clutch up before shutting off engine, then you get that horrible lunge forward.

Does this damage the car in any way ? 

What about if instead of 2nd it was in reverse ?

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Started work in a garage at 15 was drummed into me to never leave car in gear and always waggle gearstick for neutral before starting up.

While doing the tappets on a mini we used to use the solenoid to turn the motor but the lad that drove the mini onto the pit left it in gear so as I straddled  across the pit and pressed the solenoid the blumming  mini pushed me forward and trapped me against a barrel it was a good job I had removed the spark plugs and the ignition was off .Cos I could have been pushed into next week. 😄

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