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shotgun chopped


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Personally I’d ask at a dealers first if they can use it for spares or whatever, then if they don’t want it or can’t scrap it then it’s the cop shop.,

Be aware it may go towards the tally of HO statistics for surrendered firearms, making it falsely appear there are a lot of illegally owned firearms out there. 

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18 hours ago, noxop666 said:

has anyone had any dealings having a shotgun destroyed at a gun dealers  and any idea of cost


We as RFD/gunsmiths  scrapped dozens of guns for people , we never charged anyone .Stripped anything good useful off , stocks burnt well on the fire and the rest was broken up went into the scrap bin .

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2 hours ago, Gunman said:

Stocks burnt well on the fire...

LOL! I remember Phil Duffill when he was working from Price Street telling me how they used to break up old guncases and burn them to keep warm as where he then worked the fire wasn't allowed to be lit (so no fuel was provided) until 1 December or somesuch? He saved the labels where he could but the wood of the case was burned.

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I'd never hand to the police, offer it for free to a cert holder or just give to an rfd  they will scrap or give to a gunsmith. Do you think the police or should I say gun hating government will use the legal guns in an anti gun propaganda media frenzy ? 

A dealer will refuse to take unless you pay them .

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