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  2. Ha ha I was in my teens at the time and it was very err entertaining.
  3. Maybe have a little house move on the cards, will need the technical assistance of an SE due to chimney part removal and a couple of walls. Then of course a plasterer for walls and ceilings ( ceilings anyway due to yucky artex- what were people thinking back then? ) Any suggestions for the south of Norwich area? TIA
  4. a slow going away target or incoming target a 21g loads or training loads are available also sub sonics local gun shop or clay ground should be able to help , gun may be too heavy to handle depending on her stature, then smaller calibers again clay ground can help or any one with a lighter / smaller caliber will be more than happy to help.
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  6. If you google -: thestickman.co.uk Run by Keith Pickering, he can provide images of game birds, dogs etc which are then either embedded in resin or he provides small clear plastic sheets 50mm x 50mm that you shape and set into the stick. Having said that, the image that you show looks like a metal/brass or enamel pheasant set in resin. Perhaps obtain a pheasant from tie pin or something and try that. OB
  7. Youd be lucky for £500 ... people asking between £800-£1200 a pup now - some knobs asking for top dollar for any bitch who they’re throwing the current in FTCH over and got forbid you want a “fox red” (yellow) one as it’s silly money. Paid £400 for my lab must be about 9 years ago now (time flies) a FTW x another good dog, the breeder had a litter to keep some back to run himself. Ive found many lads who trial and breed for themselves and sell the odd pup are charging much less than folks who’s bitches are little more than a pet, stick either any old dog or the current FTCH over and demand a high price.
  8. I think I'll have this, for "passing time in the shed". PM sent.
  9. Spent longer get wife’s and girlfriends over well meaning boyfriend husbands fathers etc trying to teach them than any other set of problems. Get an instructor to do the intro and basics then take their advice and develop onwards.
  10. Where are you in the country? If you are in the North West - I have a few - freebies
  11. RA is a stinker. Have you been tried on the various biological drugs? Some of those are amazing, but with potential side effects to match sadly
  12. Hi, I’m thinking about selling my Grade A Gen 3 Archer in good condition with no dark spots ect and also comes with bayonet attachment and insert. Mounted on top is a PBIR X illuminator (IR) with a night master adjustable mountain and 2 or 3 batteries if I can find them. I would like £1500 for it and any one interested in buying it is more than welcome to come and try it first. I have ordered my new thermal today so this is no longer needed
  13. Ozz


    And dont forget he will have child slaves grow and harvest it .and then find some way of blaming it all on us nasty hunters
  14. fallowbuck

    Roe antler

    If possible as per earlier PM .I would like the bottom left fourand the pair directly above them on the left?
  15. Very nice set up there mate. Compares well to my tucked away cant be seen space in the corner. I will try and post a pic.
  16. I know dude. Just finished loading the last of my 243 . When they’re gone I’ll be over .
  17. Your missing out. You’d never buy anything if you read about problems. mines 7 years old I think now and I wouldn’t be without it. I’ve witnessed rounds stuck on 3 separate people’s rifles but it’s so obvious trust me and a tap with a rod and they’re free. They were storing ammo in damp cabinets. Guns covered in rust.
  18. oowee

    Roe antler

    Sorry mate I have sold a chunk earlier. Here is what is left. £40 for the lot posted that's 12 pairs.
  19. hello, this forum has some very fine talented people, which makes PW a joy to be a member,
  20. Hello! Sorry for the late reply - Yes, still for sale PM'd you!
  21. hello thought i would mention, TESCO are doing half price on redex for petrol and diesil and carb cleaner, cheers
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