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  2. Well lets hope this opens peoples eyes up to what a manipulative, self promoting cock he really is !
  3. Jaggsy

    Wasp nest

    Be careful they will pile out (even after dark) do not plug the hole the returning wasps will just mill around with nowhere to go.
  4. It looks like the BBC may have shot themselves in the foot by giving Mr. Packham a platform to spout off. This person failed to mention he was a paid advisor to a plastics firm when praising the company on "The one show". The ensuing legal pay-outs could cost the BBC (you and me) many millions. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-7267577/The-BBCs-legal-battle-plastic-bags-firm-linked-Springwatch-presenter-Chris-Packham.html
  5. The sanctions which were based on what exactly ..... Refusal to roll over and accept regime change to suit USA/Uk/Israeli interests based on numerous false flags alleging use of WMD's, just like the Iraq war?
  6. panoma1

    Wasp nest

    Just get a residual insecticide and spray in and around the hole after dark....keep doing it on following nights until no more wasps enter or exit!
  7. GingerCat

    Wasp nest

    Ant killer in the hole and then plug it.
  8. walshie

    Wasp nest

    We have hollow cast iron pillars holding up our side porch. One of them has a small hole near the top, about big enough to stick my little finger into, and there are a lot of wasps going in and out, so I assume they have made a nest in the pillar. My idea is to wait till after dark when they are less active and fill it with expanding foam. Pros and cons please.
  9. i have the same benelli as figgy and like he says it's a great clay gun 24g no problem at all not to heavy and swings through lovely, not the cheapest auto but certainly one of the best
  10. LAPUA .308 BRASS CASES 58 unused cases boxed £35 posted
  11. Here's the picture of the full package, I vaguely remember it being sold in a local bicycle repair shop and being completely out of my price range.
  12. Stephen-H

    Cocker bitch

    There is a few groups on facebook if you are on it I would try there possibly 👍
  13. Today
  14. hello, i could tell you more horror stories than hammer films produced, when did it become the norm for clay shooting shotguns to have no auto safety, and relying on the user to remember to return the safety catch? i suppose it is what you have been use to but i can see the advantage for clay pigeon shooting more so in competitions, i am old school so always have auto safety, hello, having had past dealings with Coley gun shop, if your friend was told the gun had no auto safety as they wanted and then found not the case, Coley gunshop should pay or do this work,
  15. Mice!

    Le Tour

    Another great stage yesterday, GT lost some time, said he didn't feel great all day so 30 seconds ain't bad, JP looked really good again staying out of trouble and pushing for the win, it's looking like his to loose now with 2 minutes on GT And a great win for PINOT https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/49058384 The French are having a great tour.
  16. Redding 308 Winchester Type S Full Match Die set 36155 USED WITH .336 STEEL BUSHING. Little Use. Less than 500 rds £160 Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.
  17. its a 5 min job to install/remove. My dealer did it for free on a 725 20 bore I got last week.
  18. The Grace 1 had left international waters and was in Gibraltar waters when arrested. It had made a request for provisions and was just 2 miles from Gib when detained. The ship was suspected of carrying crude to the Banyas refinery in Syria. The refinery is subject to EU sanctions. No law was passed the day before the seizure overriding any international convention. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar issued Regulations and notice to enforce the sanctions on 4th July. So, in summary, the Grace 1 was suspected of carrying crude oil from Iran to the Banyas refinery in Syria, in direct contravention of EU sanction 36/2012. The boat was freely and voluntarily in Gibraltar (EU) waters when detained. The sanction relates to the destination of the oil, not the origin of the cargo.
  19. There is no solution till the final one, some will jump up an down berating the rest. Some will simply ignore and the richest aided and abetted by the politicos will just continue to hoover up the cash because they can, spreading a little baksheesh behind closed doors off shore. The thought that some have, that a few good people can and will alter the path to extinction is amusing personally. It ignores the influence of evolutionary forces on everyone and everything.. The meek shall inherit the earth but only when the strong have taken everything of worth. Simply put people will not stop polluting or breeding?
  20. We need the equivalent to the French Seurutie police, go in hard, put them down and clear the roads of disruptive numpties
  21. A rough shoot? We carry our guns when out rough shooting loaded but broken; standard practice. I wouldn’t personally carry mine over the shoulder over uneven terrain, as you can discover it’s empty when you come to use it.
  22. I have 100 newly formed Brass cases for the martini henry for sale i can do 10 for £35 inc post . these are made from magtech brass and use boxer primers
  23. I don't think they do travel but are born and refined to what we see.
  24. On a similar theme we were by a river outside Luang Prabang, Laos and I was fascinated by the work of a bunch of lads about 10-12 yrs of age. With a machete they fashioned bamboo and with strips of inner tube held it all together to form a speargun and the projectiles were pieces of umbrella wire rods. Very successful. I wonder how these ideas travel? Or do they? Is that necessity is the mother of invention wherever you live in the world?
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