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  1. Worth doing again. I ran a few older diesels on supermarket veg oil, wish I could now Diesel Β£1.50 ltr Veg oil from a supermarket Β£1 ltr Still stank but still good mpg and a lot cleaner on the fuel filters/lines πŸ‘
  2. I bought a volvo for Β£25 with 6months mot. Had 1/4 tank of fuel, and Β£13 in the ashtray in quids and 50p's. I've had some right sheds, and some right bargains.
  3. I had a roku, and sold it-on here I believe. I just didn't use it. After using my mates fire stick, I will say it was impressive and ill give it a try, as any TV viewing atm is through the Ps4 and that's getting a bit slow now. Mind you I only watch movies and YouTube.
  4. I'm kinda of the same, 3/4 years ago I bought their rotary kit with those paper winged floaters. About 100 bucks. It arrived beaten to hell and the wings were damaged to the point it looked like a dog had tried packaging it. Crumpled and broken wings, barely stayed on without tape. I emailed again with no response (seems a habit of theirs).
  5. Ref just walks away in some of them πŸ˜‚
  6. I thought about it, they have a good bit of land very local around here and after paying for range fees at clubs and fuel back and forth to some perms (which would easily go over what they charge), I thought I'd inquire. I've emailed a few times and no response, and a few conflicting reviews on other forum's has put me off. Good luck you probably need it just to get a response from A1, maybe another avenue is to go through guns on pegs where I believe I saw it also advertised
  7. Saw the title and thought this was a Bruce forsyth thread
  8. Just got back in, been doing wind fell all afternoon Bring it on πŸ˜‚
  9. I can suggest one of those vibrating multi tools. Very easy to use straight and clean, but hard to do a curve
  10. It's in the shop. Blew the inlet valve straight away. Hope this ain't a sign of things to come. Thankfully i bought it at a shop which is **** hot at looking after it's customers so it's getting sorted ASAP and hopefully back within a week or so. If it wasn't under warranty I'd have done it myself. Still not actually put a pellet towards a target yet, just through the chrono. 11.1ftlb. Then it **** itself before I went to my plinking range... Ace, was wondering where to find one πŸ‘
  11. Epic rant ahead Honestly I thought it was a awful film. A pg John wick. You can say its with the times, but I can't. I had a numb *** and couldn't wait to get out the theatre, easily felt a hour too long. Sami Malek, great actor in other films, about the most unconvincing 'baddie' in the whole franchise. He set out to do and accomplished it in the first half of the film, no reasoning why he's being a **** for the rest. Felix, why did they have to snuff you out? Honestly thought he deserved a spin off on his own. Everybody's suddenly turned gay. Q's announced he's gay, new 007 is a lesbian (and a not very convincing 007). Moneypenny should of had the role, at least she had the background. Did someone read a manual to write this? Very woke, very politically correct. Modern times I suppose.... He has a baby. Err, pretty sure Sean Connery and Roger Moore banged the hell out of half the world, chances are he should have about 20 floating about. From the start it's a joyless, soulless bond (again). No charm, the smooth charismatic bond has fled the theatre. You just knew he was gonna snuff it before it started. When Craig announced its his last film, it was always going to have a 'endgame' ending (to me anyway). He put in a solid performance for his final, just shame the script was junk, but as he said after skyfall, if he ever done another bond it's only for the money. Seeing as they try and add realism, why, when he was shot in the shoulder, did he brush it off? Never mind slamming into a wall at 90mph. Even John wick would take a paracetamol and a plaster for that one. The gadgets were ****, that's a main staple in bond films (tho drummed down for Craig's). A watch that emitted a emp, woopy ****in doo. You know its desperate when the biggest baddest thing in the film is that db5 kicking ***. I left going home dying to let the misses turn on geordie shore so I could be distracted from the Β£4 (thank god) fee I paid to witness the massacre of the bond franchise. Most people I know feel the same, and if they don't they all say the same, why did they have to kil him off. I wish Danny Boyle had made it. Oh I will say Ana de Armas was worth the Β£4 actually. She's stunning
  12. Like drinking, I wasn't forced to start smoking, I started from habit of being in the wrong groups, from being around others that were, and not wanting to be left out from the 'cool' kids. It is a habit, which escalates to a addiction and I know, I've a past that would make mick jagger blush. From this, I stand by my word, if you've got Β£13 for a pack of fags, you can buy your own vape juice. If not, get free patches. Besides champix or some others are better suited for quitting if your body is up for it, mine isn't. The other flip side is I know of 1 person who's started vaping now (0% nicotine) in his 20s, as he didn't want to smoke but wanted to look like the ******* who go down the street billowing like a train. Oh well.
  13. What's their address again? My spank paddle broke πŸ˜‚ On a serious note, a top tip I use and I've certainly enjoyed doing it is sending, how shall I say it, junk, to one of my neighbours (who the whole street has a problem with). I've lost count how many tampon samples I've signed him up for, and obscure catalogues of varieties. Well worth a second class stamp.
  14. I quit smoking by vaping. I wouldn't expect someone else to 'cough up' for my habit. Ridiculous.
  15. Well I went and bought one. Lovely bit of kit
  16. I basically asked A1 a few times about this via email what the score was. Extremely vague replies if at all. Most of the land is only a 15min drive away from me so it looked promising as such, but I ain't chucking Β£350 down the ****ter if they can't be bothered to answer. Some reviews online, some seem miffed, some happy.
  17. My ex boss actually bought a generator when they called. We called him a fool inpolitely (we all thought they were casing the joint) but that thing didn't break for years. Fake Chinese honda engine, so light it was one handed. Probably still running. Still wouldn't trust em/it tho
  18. strimmer_13


    Wondered why I haven't received much filth today.
  19. Had a 22wmr come back at us once from about 80 mtrs. From a elevated position as well (about 3 silage bales up). That would of smarted a bit.
  20. How did the marathon go? I've been to London once maybe twice. Both times for the royal Albert Hall for the cirque du soleil. Managed a quick trip to the natural history museum in the day. Got out of there straight after. Too much concrete, too many people and took me an age to get in anywhere. Tbf I feel the same in just about any large town, never mind a city. I'm going to a gig next year at the o2 arena, I'm dreading it, but it's closer than Birmingham or Manchester.
  21. Some people need to chill out man, loosen up, maybe have a joint 😎
  22. Gorgeous beach, would love to snorkel that πŸ‘
  23. Cz probably stopped making them and concentrated on rimfire/centerfire more. They are superbly accurate rifles (the barrels often get grafted onto others) but having no multishot or reg, they didn't keep up with modern rifles/times. That is what sells I suppose. Still like most 'old' stuff, those and falcons/rapids still punch holes the same size as modern stuff, In fact still out shooting a lot of them in that price bracket. I regret not buying the mk2 I tried years ago.
  24. Airgunspares. Com Or Tw Chambers πŸ‘ Unless I need something else which they don't have, occasionally I get it of eb#y
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