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Home made Cornish pasties.


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18 hours ago, JohnfromUK said:

After making the comment earlier in the thread that I use swede not turnip, I was interested to read in the photos that swede is known as turnip in Cornwall.

John, I’ve always called them turnips just because my mum always did - it winds the wife up, so I obviously continue to do so 😀

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18 hours ago, Gameking said:



quick question on recipe / quantities


You got 5 pasties out of that as per your picture ? ( thinking of making  a batch up )

GK - the 2 oh the LHS are cheese and onion made with just margarine only pastry for the pesky vegetarian in our house.  I followed the quantities exactly in the recipe and made 4 big pasties , we then had enough pastry left from both batches to cobble together another smaller ‘test’ pasty that didn’t survive for more than 10 minutes out of the oven.  I think the quantities in the recipes are very generous but I guess once you’ve made a few you’d get better at stuffing more filling in them.

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4 hours ago, Dave-G said:

Jonty, did you get the idea of using pastry to identify two of them from Philps pasties in Hayle?

They mark their Premier steak ones like that.

I’ve never isle that shop but it sounds like I should.  I insisted that my daughter put PV on her pasties, it stands for Pesky Vegetarian in our house - just to ensure I didn’t get a nasty shock or disappointment when biting into one 😀.

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