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  1. Above and beyond the call of duty, very well done to her for restoring faith in humanity. Having experienced a crippling blow to my own family, then another towards the tail end of last year I came to a strange conclusion. People who I have known for years ( including family ) simply disappeared like smoke when we needed help and support. Virtual strangers which I barely knew went above and beyond to help us. It was those people who made the difference. The girl you mentioned was clearly at the end of her ability to continue to function, your daughter has done a great thing taking care of her in such a way.
  2. After months of deliberation I picked up my new Fabarm RS12 yesterday and I very impressed. Hit 71/100 on its first outing at sporting. I handled and shot a few and liked it. Lloyd Patterson gave it a good slagging off on his review but perhaps it just didn’t fit him. The raised rib suits me and the quality/fit and finish is on par with other manufacturers. OF, if you happen to be in the midlands at any point your very welcome to have a go on mine.
  3. Don’t put a snap cap into an affinity and let the action slam fwd. It will break the plastic ring off the edge and leave the body jammed into the breech. The metal ones are not much better, they can break the ejector claw.
  4. Taileron


    I genuinely had absolutely no idea what WOKE meant until a couple of weeks ago, I had to google it.
  5. Santa must have spent quite a bit of time in urbino. He bought me the exact same thing and a lovely briely extended bolt handle, but no whiskey.
  6. That’s was my opinion also, the checkering was very sharp, I felt that after 100 or so it would definitely chafe the hands. I must admit I’m a fan of the colour of the laminate though.
  7. In a word, yes. I have had the good fortune to shoot a Córdoba and an affinity back to back and the felt recoil was more on my affinity but it does not have the comfortech stock which the benelli did so I put it down to that. The difference was marginal IMO. On the same day I shot a supernova with some heavy loads which gave me a right whack, even with the comfortech, but that was nothing compared to the 10g we also had a go with, now that’s a mans gun.
  8. Hi, The instructions are a bit sketchy to be honest but i was given advice to run it in with some heavy loads. I did this on one and the other two just used power red, 7.5, 27g. They apparently give 1500fps and have proven to be good, the one i ran in with heavy loads was one one which was returned for a refund, read into that as you will. The maxus speed load function is indeed excellent, but the other issues i encountered did not make up for it IMO. If i were to buy another Maxus it would be the basic wood/laminate version as the extra money for the higher end versions i dont feel represents value as apart from very minor internal differences (jewelling on the side of the bolt), nicer wood and engraving they are identical. Best of luck with the search👍
  9. I have had 3 affinities, 1 played up and was returned for a full refund, still have 2. The quality of the manufacturing in direct comparison to my Maxus is astonishing. Don't get me wrong the Maxus is a great gun, functions very well but just feels inferior compared to the affinity. I believe the Affinity is made by Benelli and there are a few youtube comparison vids. When you put the M1/M2 and affinity side by side the differences in quality are small, IMO not worth the extra money. I am not knocking benelli, i firmly believe they are a fantastic product and I am still on the lookout for a Raffaello Supersport/cordoba at the right money, but the 7 year warranty on the affinity swung the deal, for the money i don't feel they can be beat.
  10. I have always carried my semi autos barrel, action open, up when I am trapping for my buddy or in the slip. I’m going to fit a sling to my affinity and keep it on my shoulder barrel up from now on as a saw a bloke whack his beretta Auto last week. It left a lovely big ding on the nice blue action and he was gutted. Not sure how my scores will fair but I’m going to give it a go.
  11. Unfortunately Mrs Taileron is an ex WRAF and as such an utter nightmare on the drink. Any form of booze sends her into a demented loon and I fancy a few pints on the way home.
  12. An excellent suggestion, I quite fancy a nice SPA on the way home, perhaps a massage to de stress from all the gun perusing. Mrs Taileron is a clay shooter and suggested that she could have a day off work and could come with us. This presents a new issue, Mrs Taileron is sound, and I quite like her, but looking at guns with my mate, perhaps sampling a beer or 3 on the way home seems to be a better option. A fair point, Mrs Taileron was rewarded at Xmas with a brand new shiny Bosch dishwasher. I fully deserve a lovely new Maxus Sporting.
  13. Dropped the ball big time. Booked the tickets for the shooting show with my pal on 14th Feb. Happy days I thought, we thought. Then we realised it’s Valentine’s Day and Mrs Taileron will be expecting the usual flowers, meal etc. Im in the dog house, Mrs Taileron is an excellent cook and my last divorce cost me a fortune so I’m thinking about cancelling, but I do like the gun show. Decisions, decisions.
  14. Mrs Taileron summarised episode 3 with this “as enjoyable as infected diarrhea” Having had infected diarrhea whist in Egypt, I had to agree.
  15. Most diesels with a DPF will have an active and passive regeneration. When they are in a reg gen when idling, the revs will lift and you will get a burning smell as the soot is cooked off. A good friend is a Tech who works for Audi and they have a lot of DPF issues which require ultrasonic cleaning. He recommends a full tank of V Diesel or equivalent every 4, the thought process behind this is that it has a higher caloric value and higher burn temp, this in turn helps remove soot particles. I did this on my previous diesel and never had a DPF issue with 110k miles.
  16. What armed forces? Hardly any left in the UK. Those that are left are utterly miserable and counting down the days. When I was a fireman a few years back ( op fresco ) we were provided with knackered old appliances, virtually zero training.
  17. Maglight LED, standard military use by aircraft techies as the issue wolf lights are useless.
  18. Same reason I binned EDF energy, absolutely terrible company. British Gas were a new low point for me and I use them now as a litmus test for all other companies, regarding shocking customer service, from staff who could barely speak English. How they are still in business amazes me.
  19. Thanks, that’s incredibly helpful and precisely the incite I was after. I was considering the black plastic stocked version with a wrap of some kind. Many Thanks👍
  20. I’m in the market for an affinity max 5 Camo but have zero experience of a shotgun with this type of covering. I know many manufacturers have similar offerings so if anyone has any experience of this could you give me some pointers please of what to look out for. I have been told it’s hard wearing, which is what I need as this gun will be a wildfowler/rough gun and treated accordingly within this environment. Many Thanks
  21. Fully agree with everything you have said. I went back to work after 5 weeks, massive mistake. Couldn’t focus on anything and was just horrible to my work mates.
  22. My 525 had several firing pin issues, back and forth it went to browning so I used my affinity for clays whilst it was away. I was down at millride shooting ground one afternoon and I met a great bunch of blokes who were all having a go with each other’s guns and had a bash with a few different types. I hit the most DTL with an ATA supersport, 32” adjustable and the most sporting with a blokes 30” beretta DT something or other. Absolutely lovely gun which he had paid 6k for if memory serves. My buddy is just buying his first clay gun so he is taking my advice ( which I learned from the generosity of a group of shooters I had never met before) Try as many as possible, one will jump out. All the best with the search👍
  23. Absolutely spot on my friend, and thanks for the sentiment. My son swiftly married his long term girlfriend shortly after our loss and we are selling our home, flashy cars etc to downsize and have more cash readily available to buy memories. It’s an old adage but I was working ridiculous hours simply to earn the big dollars and what for? I was missing valuable time with the family so I could wear a 4K watch and own a 3k gun and support a lifestyle that really, didn’t bring happiness. You can’t take it with you! Every moment should be seized and enjoyed because it can all be over at any moment. Saying it seems pointless, but when you experience it, it’s a life changer for us all.
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