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Best flight line for a while.


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The thought of carting my kit and setting up was too much for me today. Not that I am naturally lazy but just sometimes enough is enough. Instead I decided to stand in a spinney which has been buzzed of late by decent numbers of pigeons.

A leisurely lunch in the garden with my wife and off I went, driving all of four miles to my destination. Fifty pigeons clattered out at my arrival and at my first shot a very decent lot erupted from a larger wood nearby. The sky was blue and the sun shone on arriving pigeons. That can be off-putting. 

In less than two hours the fifty cartridges that I added to the ten already in my bag were all used up. I wouldn’t have shot for any longer anyway. I had Jasper with me today and between us we picked thirty one pigeons.


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Some very good shooting to get 1 for 2 cartridges without decoys in the short time you were there Mr JDog , you will find as you get older spending all day in a hide is not so tempting as it once even if you have the time to do it , what more would you want than firing over two boxes of shells for 30 odd birds at good sporting birds in a short(ish) afternoon ? 

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Very envious of this Jdog, without doubt that would be my favourite way to spend a couple of hours pigeon shooting.....beats carting kit across a drill and shooting 100 in the same amount of time then having to cart them all back to the truck! 
Been a rather lean winter/spring here, itching to get back amongst them properly. Glad to see you’re getting some good sport! 

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