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  1. NGO have sorted it: https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/ngo-seeks-clarification-on-firearms-advice I don't want to bash BASC, but they don't help themselves on easy wins sometimes
  2. What are they doing with payments at Chigborough? I'm meant to be confined to barracks until the end of June, but was thinking of nipping out all masked up at some point just to avoid going completely stir crazy - I assume it's mobbed at the moment?
  3. The Bushcraft Show is excellent - We took our Scouts 3 years ago - If you want access to Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman, Ed Stafford, Paul Kirtley, Dave Canterbury, tons of workshops (albeit some pre-booked at additional fees), lots of good people (as well as a few easy to spot prepper nut nuts) and kit stalls for every conceivable activity, this is the one. Is it commercial - Yes, but only as commercial as you want it to be - If you want to spend you can, but if you don't you don't need to.
  4. We got a load of Hungarian flour out of the corner shop - Coarser than a drunk navvy, but makes lovely dumplings and flatbreads
  5. Got bundles of fermentables, but nothing to ferment them. Guess i'll just wait for the missus to get another yeast infection!!
  6. That's what i started on - You get very sticky hands though!! Made a really good Brewer's Gold clone. Interesting the amount of people now doing it during lockdown - The price of yeast has over doubled.
  7. My dad had a Lada Riva from brand new - Lasted him almost 20 years. I took the mickey on every conceivable occasion, but that car towed every single motor i ever owned in that period and never missed a beat. As has been said, they are more than agricultural, but they keep on going.
  8. Haven't done kits for a while, but here's some good ones: https://www.home-brew-online.com/beer-kits-c1/brewferm-abdij-dark-abbey-beer-kit-p167 https://www.home-brew-online.com/beer-kits-c1/muntons-gold-continental-pilsner-beer-kit-p116 Don't know if you're an apple fan, but i couldn't brew this quick enough over the last few years https://www.home-brew-online.com/cider-kits-c3/magnum-elderflower-cider-kit-p624 Avoid Geordie kits like the plague - Always taste like rubish
  9. Take a look at Will Lord - Makes a bundle for flintlocks for reenactment societys https://www.will-lord.co.uk/events/grimes-graves-ultimate-flint-knapping-experience-23rd-may-2020/
  10. Look up a guy called William Lord - He's on Facebook and YouTube - Absolutely fantastic fella and very keen on "caveman" survival (but without being a complete helmet). Makes flint knives and axes, knapping it all himself and using all natural sourced materials
  11. Pot noodle sandwich - Lovely!
  12. Fatcatsplat

    The Repair Shop

    Watching 2 hours of cleaning, sanding and laborious painting ain't exactly riveting telly though
  13. Wish I could manage a team - Get into an absolute tangle every time and can't seem to get it right - Even a team of two!!
  14. Been there and done that!! You could see the fish all day, but just not interested in anything - It's a lot of money to pay to blank
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