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  1. Still says that on their website - I used it back in April and it was fine
  2. I should've gone to Specsavers!!!
  3. Where are you in Essex?
  4. Smoke will only penetrate so far - After the first couple of hours I rarely bother with any more wood - When you open the meat up there will be a little purple ring on the inside where the smoke has penetrated and it will go no further
  5. With a ceramic barbecue you don't have to - Very fuel efficient and excellent temperature control - Set it up and let it go
  6. I work in insurance and can assure you that the worst risks are the young first timers going to Magaluf, families going abroad with very young children and then the elderly - Age 70+. The first two generally get a quick visit to a and e and then let go - Maybe £250 as a bill. The over 70's though tend to be larger claims by virtue of underlying conditions and a week or a fortnight of sudden excess exacerbating those conditions - They will then require X Rays, ECG's, scans etc, etc all of which rack the costs up and then there'll be an overnight stay to monitor them - Suddenly you have a £5,000 - £10,000 bill. It takes a hell of a lot of £12.50 single trip premiums to make that money back. I'm a broker so I just place the risk and take a commission - Talk to a travel underwriter who actually takes the risk and pays the claims and ask them how many years in the last ten they've actually made a profit...
  7. Fatcatsplat

    Jo Brand

    Agreed - She's a comedian. They tell jokes. Someone or something is always the butt of the joke. Some jokes are in "good taste" and some are in "bad taste" - I like both, but prefer the latter
  8. Start on pork - Very forgiving and cheap!!
  9. Look up snake or minion method online
  10. The key is maintaining temperature - For a long, slow smoke you want it to be somewhere around 220/250 Fahrenheit constant. Sounds like you have an offset and they're pretty difficult to leave alone. Get used to spending all day in the garden, drinking beer while you maintain the charcoal and wood chunks. Or spunk a ton of cash on a proper smoker and electric thermometers with iPhone hook ups!
  11. I just want to be able to go for a poo in the pub without having to ask 3 fellas with what seems like a bad case of the sniffles to come out of there.
  12. I'll have the poles, net and deeks please - PM inbound
  13. Bone in rib, about 2 inches thick, done indirect on the barbecue for half an hour or so and then seared to blackened perfection. Let it rest and then slice it up. Dip some ciabatta bread in the juices and then toast on the grill as an accompaniment
  14. I can just about manage a nibble as a dare, but that's about it. Insanely hot and not really fit for human consumption, except where very heavily diluted. After Habanero and maybe Naga there's no real flavour, just heat and it's a willy waving contest
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