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  1. Did you try the gun with all your winter clothing on? If it stills feels fine and shoots well for you no need to shorten.
  2. Whilst reading another thread on here about problems attracting pigeons I wanted to share thoughts of a few days that I have had that were unexpectedly successful and possibly suggest how to get a few shots and save a day when you have set up in a place you thought would be good and the pigeons had not read the script. The first was about 15 years ago when I spotted a very strong flight line where all the pigeons were flying into a wood, all using exactly the same route across a place where the treeline dipped by about 10 feet about 20 yards across. I naturally popped over to find a suitable place in the wood only to be met with an impenetrable wall of brambles about 4 feet high going back as far as the eye could see into the wood. Absolutely no point in having pigeons land in that little lot. So I walked back out into the field about 40 yards and simply stood stock still. I cannot remember exactly how many I shot - about a dozen I think - but I inevitably scared some off line by moving even when I thought I was being totally still - it was a good lesson that I have used many times since. The second unexpected success was in the spring when a friend called me up to ask if I could bring the dog as the pigeons were coming in well over some 12 inch rape. He had backed his car up a tramline, put up a whirly and a bit of camo net around the back door and he was sitting on the tailgate as they committed hari kari. Drawing my car up in front of his made absolutely no difference and we both sat happily for a couple of hours taking alternate shots. I think that day we could have been wearing white t shirts and waving a flag and they still would have come in. They took no notice of the dog retrieving and a very fine job she did. Finally the Sunday just gone. I had some friends shooting on the farm next door and said I would take a walk round and keep them on the move from a couple of the day roosts. The side bonus being keeping the bleep rooks off the barley. I headed for a known flight line and this time stood just tucked into a hedge, enjoying plenty of shots most of which missed as I was having one of those days when the switching between rifle and shotgun with little practise showed with only 6 birds shot. Would love to hear of folks other successful field craft tips even if it was only for half a dozen birds.
  3. Another thing to bear in mind regarding the LOP is did you measure with your son just wearing a t shirt or a thick winter coat? A slip on leather pad adds just under an inch so I would start with that and get him to try it again wearing winter clothing.
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    Hi Mel hopefully you have already contacted the woodlands trust? I have met the guy in my area and they are definitely into proper woodland management and have no problems with pest control. http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/large-scale/buy-a-wood/
  5. 243deer

    Freak accidents

    Maybe you should sue Makita for not providing a drill bit guard - I should take plenty of painkiller in liquid form - medicinal of course
  6. Almost certainly an idea dreamed up by Sir Humphrey of the department for administrative affairs fame (just showing my age)
  7. Never had to shim a hunting scope yet so midway for me.
  8. my wheels are original factory fitted 15" diameter - 380mm - the tyres have an 80mm profile adding 160mm giving an overall diameter of 540mm when new. The radius therefore being 270mm. Once the tyres have 6mm of wear the radius reduces to 264mm. Approximately a 2.2% difference - this then has to be the +/- tolerence in the accuracy of my speedo. Except if the 3 roadside mph advisory signs that I pass regularly are correctly calibrated my car speedo reads 31.5 mph when I am doing 30mph. I have just fitted new tyres all round so even allowing for the .66 mph differential at 30mph caused by tyre wear - my speedo will still read nearly 1mph over with worn tyres If I stick to 30 on my speedo I will probably be doig 28.5 to 29 mph - I am sure this is true due to the number of morons tailgating me with absolutely no respect for the villages I am driving through or the conditions, constantly looking down at their speedo because I am having the temerity to drive so 'slowly'. I doubt that they have ever driven an open tractor or worked behind the cones on a motorway to even realise how fast they are going or how truly dangerous their driving is. My best mate was killed when we were 14 by a motorist doing 35mph past a school so hats off to you mel b for taking responsibility for your own actions and ensuring you are showing due respect to our speed limits which most folk seem to have forgotten are there for a reason and not just the whim of some politician. My mrs likes the sat nav on to beep at her if she forgets a speed limit, personally I concentrate on my driving and know what speed I am doing. There is no excuse for speeding.
  9. My advice would be to go and get yourself a lesson from a decent coach. He/she will have several guns available for you to find one that fits you well. If you like the balance and the way it swings then ask their advice on which makes/models to go for. The big advantage of advice from a coach is that they will not have a vested interest in selling you something - unlike a gun shop. Most gun shops are reliable and honest but not all!
  10. Whilst I would not wish him harm, natural justice would be a genuine injury in the future, claiming would be tricky
  11. Spot on advice, I bought a Mora 5" curved boning knife and bone saw from Monarch for about £25 I think - never needed anything else - I use a 10" kitchen knife for cutting steaks that I already had - now all you need is a kind PW member near you to offer to show/teach you - I would be happy to but am a bit far away.
  12. Bipod fine for zeroing if you have the right place although I usually rest on straw bales for zeroing. Quad sticks in the fields when using the fac s510 - just hand held when close range with the s200 in the barns for rats
  13. All the advice for weirauch is sound. 2nd hand they tend to hold their value so you are in effect paying a relatively cheap rental during your learning process. Do not worry about a telescopic sight to start with rather learn to shoot well with open sights by learning where to aim at different ranges and consistency. Do not be tempted to buy a cheapo chinese scope and put it on a spring air rifle - chances are more than 50/50 that it will fail mechanically. Squeeze that trigger gently.
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