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How fast is your broadband?

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I’ve done a series of tests altering the server location each time. The speed is similar but what does all of this mean. What is the bottom line and how can I get more bang per pound?

Hope these results copy over and it means something to someone.




Scroll down to bottom of page to see the results.


It looks like you're running a 50 meg connection in which case I'd be happy enough with what you're getting. I too occasionally get a 20 meg result, a result of a spike in 'traffic' I suspect.


Just did it again and it's .96 download .56 upload the servers is in Sittingbourne ! Why ??


Going to test it on the PC to see if it's quicker


My BB is miles slower than my PC, probably as much to do with the phone as anything, but I'm no expert.

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If I'm in Northern Ireland why is my server in Lancaster?



Because offically computers haven't been invented in Ireland, you can, however run an alarm clock from a potato.

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Mine is running at just shy of 4meg, I was quite impressed when it reached the dizzy heights of 1.2meg.

To be honest I can't tell the difference between 1.2 and 4 anyway. I live on the moon as far as broadband is concerned so I am quite content as I am.

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