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Managed to get off conference calls by mid afternoon so popped up to very local perm for some roost shooting. Well that was the plan - my 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to come. 

Plenty of birds coming into the wood but with an animated 5 year old who decided she still isn’t keen on gunfire they kept flaring away so I gave up and will go again without her. 

I put the the little BSA ultra in for her to have a go with and honestly I was amazed how well she got on. She’s only slight for her age (only just 5) - I put a couple of clays (an orange one and a black mini) about 20m out and helped her - making sure she was safe and working the loading / cocking.

She missed with the first shot and I realised would be easier for her to find the target by minimising the scope zoom - the next 8 shots all hit the clays, including hitting the remnants of the clay from the previous go. She’s a markswoman already!  Very proud Daddy. 

As we left she had to call grandpa to tell him how well she’d done and tell him she wants to shoot and squirrel next and then a fallow lol!

I don’t think I’ll be able to escape taking her when she’s older, I already rarely get to go fishing without her! 

images blurred as we don’t share photos on the internet normally and taken with an empty rifle made safe. 



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It's brilliant when you take them out the first time, tho a few times I've gone out on my own leaving behind that little sad face only a 5yo can pull 😂

Ive yet to get mine to have a shot, I'll wait till this lockdown is over as I've a lovely perm where he's got picnic tables out so his kids can shoot too. 

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