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A lot of searching but a decent return.


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This afternoon Jacko and I drove to the coast ‘on spec’ as it were. There are no pigeons in the Wolds. Mightymariner was to look further North and we would liaise.

His pea fields were being sprayed and of no interest to pigeons. We had not found any when we spoke mid afternoon. My plan was to drive round aimlessly heading further North as the afternoon progressed. But we did see a weak line going into a rape field and as we watched a few more pigeons joined the line. This was a long way from home but I do have permission there so we walked a few hundred metres in the heat and set up.

Our expectations were not great but to confound us we found that the pigeons came back well and in less than two hours shooting we shot and picked 41 pigeons.

It is two years since my companion first shot a pigeon and his shooting has come on well. Not so his ability to keep seated and not look over the net. Numerous times birds flared when they saw his ugly mug on display.

If anyone would like to see a video of our afternoon he will be putting something on Jacko3275 on YouTube tomorrow.




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You all done well , 41 at the moment seem light years away , not really light years but you know what I mean , you most likely had the same weather as us , unbroken sunshine with a stiff on shore breeze .

I had a little go on our Peas which are now up around six inches , rather than move my hide which I leave up I had the breeze blow into my face , I wasn't over bothered as I was only going to go for a couple of hours , in the end I picked up eight but I did see more than the last time I went and hopefully I will be more prepared when I go on the same field Saturday afternoon .

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11 hours ago, JDog said:

Not so his ability to keep seated and not look over the net.


You need a big cane to correct that.

It is the easiest way to get a better cartridge to kill ratio, bide your time - head down watching through the net, stage your mount (getting the barrels in the right direction) then pop up to take the shot with the bird in the kill zone. 

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Well done JDog, nice pictures as well , just proves its always worth a look around , you never know where that sweet spot might be waiting for the right man with his gun,

Just like Marshman I spent a few hours on the peas Tuesday evening, but only managed 4 pigeons and 2 crows, very hot and frustrating as I could see a few in the distance but they were not coming to my end of the fields. The keeper phoned me with reports of around a hundred birds on there the day before but as usual they had moved on by the time I got there,

As for sticking ones head above the net and spooking incomers , that's one of the reasons I like to shoot alone, I even go to the trouble of putting a roof on the hide in case I have birds coming from behind and seeing me before I see them. Plus I find I hit more if I can get them in close .👍😎

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2 minutes ago, dead eye alan said:

Nice read jd I bet in the video Jacko in the box misses more than you!

He might have missed more than me but he shot very well. 

'Jacko-in-the -box' is a perfect  name for him.

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Well done chaps. An amazing mileage to find some pigeons, from the Wolds to the coast. I am far lazier.

I did find some on the peas and managed 16 after reassuring a lady with horses nearby about the noise.

Next time you go to Chapel, the North Sea Observatory is worth a visit - great cafe.

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