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A rewarding few hours.


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On Sunday I turned down Jacko’s kind invitation to shoot one my own fields ( if you get my drift) and he went without me and shot a creditable bag of 34 pigeons in difficult conditions. 

Today I felt up to shooting so off I went to a field where the aforementioned Jacko and I struggled three weeks ago. Mightymariner and his friend were invited but they had other options.

With a decent 15 mph wind behind me and a glaring sun in front of me I set up under the meagre shade of a Scots pine - the only shade offered round much of this field of peas. As the sun moved round I had to move my hide to remain in the shade and I did that three times.

Pigeons came into the pattern from the off, or rather they slanted across it, some never to return. They only readily decoyed from one particular angle, the rest were fly byes so I had to shoot early. My normal inadequate shooting was replaced by better than normal shooting and I picked fifty six pigeons for seventy five shots until I ran out of cartridges. As soon as I fired the last one Clodhopper drove by but never stopped. He must have had one slab at least in his truck but by that time I had had enough.





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You done very well in that wind and two out of three is a good average , your old dog look pleased with himself and I am sure they enjoy it as much , if not more than we do , some will say running out of shells is a school boy error , If I fired three boxes in a afternoon I would have had more than enough shooting even if I had more shells in the motor , I now give myself a time limit and try and stick to it , what you don't get today you might get them the next time time you go , one thing for sure , you will never kill the last Pigeon on earth .

PS   By the way your grass look nice , or is it plastic ? 

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Well done JDog, the peas are making a small but regular addition to pigeon bags almost everywhere they are grown , we don't have the large numbers of birds here in Norfolk but plenty of peas for them to get into, My average is steadily rising over the last couple of weeks, bags now of around 12 to 15 , could be better but I never complain , any way it always means there are a few for next time. 👍

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On 22/06/2021 at 20:30, WalkedUp said:

56 for 75 is very good shooting in my book. Good work 👍

Yes very good rate I can remember hitting 136 pigeon on wheat stubble for a slab thinking to myself well that's a good average in anyone's book but when driving home I realised I miss 114 birds🦅. Bet he was buzzing with his rate.

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