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Tigs is back with his Mum now.


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Many readers on here will have seen Tigs, and his mother Fly, in publications over the years, and in reports on here (The Countryman's Weekly many times, Airgun Shooter, Sporting Shooter, Rifle Shooter and Fieldsports magazine for just a few off the top of my head).


Well, we lost our boy this evening. A car swerved, I tried to pull him out of the way but the car hit him and just caught me. The driver did not stop. I was beside our car at the time. I took him straight to the vet, they sedated him immediately and the x rays showed he had a broken neck and back half way down, plus ribs and internal injuries. The family got to the vet before I did and kept them open - we were with him to the end. But we are in bits. Anna helped Fly to whelp him and he has never known a different house to this one.  He was an incredible hunting companion, he could turn his hand to any situation, stalking on the hill, squirrel shooting in the woods whether still hunting from tree to tree, sitting calling, patiently waiting beside me shooting over the feeder. Roosting pigeons, duck flighting and retrieving from the water, he even did several long river retrieves on the Trent for me, three in succession once, they were committed swims in fast water too. He could hunt himself when allowed and knew what the game was depending on what I wore or which gun I carried. He liked it when we went fishing too. A truly remarkable dog that has left a massive hole and an empty feeling in my stomach. What a privilidge it was to share the woods, rivers, fields and moors with him. His Mum, Fly, was good, but he eclipsed her. Unfortunately, despite several attempts, God broke the mould with him. He was the end of that line. I shall never see his like again, he was magnificent.

Run wild, run free our beautiful boy. You're with your mum now, give her our love when you see her.









Together again, Tigs and Fly. Forever in our hearts. We will never forget you. Run wild, run free.






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