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    He's got Trump back on side….. That's got to be worth something🥴 I'll stick my crash helmet on now😳
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    Well, there's a saying - how you do something is how you do anything. And I wouldn't employ Boris Johnson to clean my house because I know, from how he's done every other job he's ever had, that he'd treat the task as a lark and half-do everything. He'd just shove obvious dirt out of sight, run a rag over a few surfaces, and then settle down to eat my biscuits and watch TV. Because that's just how he is, and he's been like that since his school reports from Eton.
  5. I had a W.Richards Damascus BLE ( Liverpool ) built in 1907. Proofed to 1-1/8 oz but was advised by Richards 1-3/16 oz was OK. Tight as a drum. Normal diet was Impax and Eley Maximum 4's for Pinks. Sold it at a loss in the late eighties due to the the steel shot scare. 😕
  6. Never been one for hot weather especially at night .two years ago I had air con fitted to the house ,what a difference can now sleep at night . I have woke up a couple of nights cold ,just pulled the covers over my head and crashed out again . harnser
  7. hello, i presume you mean the thunderstorms, forcast south Oxford around 10 pm, got that wrong, !!!!!!
  8. Your correct I'm tired 😉
  9. I'm sure you meant siesta but being Ford and saying fiesta made me laugh😁😁 Had a shower then used the frozen peas to cool down.
  10. I had issues contacting ukshootwarehouse by phone and their online contact form a few weeks ago. I had a couple of questions to ask before placing an order and couldn't get any response. They had a 25% discount on at the time, which ended and I still haven't seen a response so will have to order from elsewhere.
  11. viper evo 8 up to 30 cal proofed heavy but makes the winchester model 70 xtr featherweight fine to shoot
  12. bring it on, where are you and which way is it coming? Hope it brings a breeze?
  13. I said something about I'm sure a study would be a good idea showing how things change once game keeping stops, that survey nails it, the antis are quick to shout when something illegal is done, but very quiet about how well wildlife fares on managed land 👍
  14. Too hot indoors so have been sitting outside with a brandy or several. The sky is starting to lighten up almost continually and the silver birch which has been like a limp lettuce is starting to quiver in anticipation. Think I'll hit the "Submit Topic" and go back outside for the son et luminere.
  15. That idea is nieve in the extreme. The idea of a second vote is delusional, can't you see that? the vote has taken place, you can't turn back time even though you don't like the way it turned out. It would create a constitutional crisis unless remain was not on the second ballot. Since all the people calling for a second vote are really only hoping to subvert the first vote it demonstrates their lack of understanding. The first vote would still stand even if some contrived ballot with loaded options tricked its way through to appear to cast doubt. You cannot set aside the result of the referendum, it happened, it can't be un-happened..
  16. If when I went to Mc Donald’s I was greeted with a display board of a man with a bolt gun grinning and stood on top of a 1000 dead cattle and underneath saying Welcome To Mc Donalds I would think differently about ordering my burger. That photo on Facebook is a welcome to pigeon shooting to the Average Joe who’s never tried shooting!! Not good advertising!!
  17. As I read it, It leaves them with no licence!.......the onus is being put on the applicant to get a GP to furnish a report, and pay whatever the GP demands! ....If the applicant doesn't provide said report, you don't get a licence and your application lapses after 6 months........I fear there are other proposals that we need to be concerned about too?
  18. hello, have a look on this web site, www.nobs.org.uk
  19. And what about the middle aged people who have now become the wisdom toothed bearing oldies?
  20. I am sure that if the right situation turned up, I would have shot plenty today. The gun who shot 985 last week, shot over 100 today on rape stubble. In 2003, in over 30degree heat, 3 of us shot over 330 on rape stubble, from 10am to 5 pm.
  21. The general public do not even like to think their meat which they buy from Tesco’s, and thoroughly enjoy eating, was once an animal that has been killed and put into a packet. What on earth makes people think they will sympathise and connect with a heap of a 1000 dead pigeons? They won’t, they don’t want to think about, or know about, the killing bit of the process.
  22. Thanks Gerry78. The solway does look good. May have to open the chokes if using steel.
  23. There are hot days and very hot days , today it was touching 31 degrees and we could be two days away from record temperatures ( both day and night ) , I don't think today you would have been having regular shooting .
  24. Yep I am that friend and I load 60grains of black powder and 24 or 26 grams I consider this to be a safe load. Most loading info suggests 70/75 grains to 28 grams. as a hunting load.
  25. I can understand what you are saying Ken , I now treat shooting pigeons as an enjoyable pastime , and today for the first time as long as I can remember I cant say I was enjoying myself , the few pigeons I shot I let my dog pick em up and they were in the hide with me , it got to the stage where it was hot , uncomfortable and flies were in plague proportions should have been on the beach and licking a giant ice cream instead of giving every Green Bottle in East Anglia a free meal😎
  26. Some of my most memorable days have been on scorching hot days. I will put up with the heat if I am firing shots regularly.
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