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Maserati Levante

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14 hours ago, sam triple said:

Out of my price range , bloke a few doors down got one though , sounds nice 

out of my dream range..:lol:

my brain allows me to go as far as living the dream in a orange morris marina......(smelling vagely of sick)

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Mate has a Masserati of some sort. It does not like to run hot, or cold. Is forever in the garage. Stays on trickle charge as battery leaks.

Its not that old sounds stunning, in fact it can wake the village if he opens the baffles.

Biggest pile of doo doo if you ask me. He says next he will get something boring like a panamera as at least he can drive it when he wants. 

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They are not that expensive to buy, the problem with these sort of cars is that they depreciate like mad because everyone knows that once they are past the first few years old any repairs will be eye watering.

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