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Spectacular birds on the wind.


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On New Year's Day Clodhopper and I had a couple of failures. On one of my farms we saw 500 pigeons before 9 am but none came back. We packed up and went to one of his farms where we saw a similar number of birds but again they never came back.

That was a great pity as I would have liked to have given him a few shots with his new gun.

Today I had the notorious videographer from Rotherham as my companion. Pigeons have gone from opposite my house to the other side of the village and that is where we headed. I had done the prep work with pony paddock owners yesterday so it was straight to the field.

We had a laugh at the pigeons coming over our heads whilst we were watching. They were ridiculously fast.

This one hundred acre patch of rape has a hedge running through the middle of it. In normal circumstances somewhere along that hedge would do but not today. My feeble self wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in the cold wind so we opted for shelter acknowledging that we were not quite in the right place.

All the pigeons came over our heads. Most carried on some turned back. Those that came to us came across the wind and some were virtually static. Who can shoot a static pigeon? Not me.

We plugged away and added dead birds to the pattern which helped turn a few more into range. 

After a longer than normal session we packed up and picked sixty pigeons. 



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Very Nice, sounds great sport.

The birds there look very healthy. 

Shot a bag myself over Xmas on rape & I have to say the shot birds where in tip top condition and have since fed the family very well.

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A superb bag and just what the doctor would had ordered , the conditions on the field look very wet indeed and the rape is not in show room condition neither , the Pigeons themselves look in peak condition and at the moment it would be hard seeing that many let alone shooting them . still , we have got nearly four weeks when the wildfowling door shut and the Pigeon door begin to open , so at the moment we are not to concerned :good:

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Did you spice up the day by letting off some random clays amongst the real pigeons?!  Or did Jacko get a bit of footage mixed up? 🤣

Great footage, and I agree Jacko really has been honing his skills under your mentorship.  Good job all round 👍

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