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Crisps !!!


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up until about a year ago ..i always like to have a few packs of crisps (usuallywalkers) in the house.....i dont munch on these all the time..just now and again..............

but i dont buy them anymore as they taste funny...............i was talking to the manager in the supermarket and he agrees.....he rekons it is because since the Ukraine war...the availability of corn oil has been intermittent............so he thinks the crisp companies have stopped using corn oil and started using Rapist oil....which dont taste the same

anyone else noticed the different taste ?

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Ah, now we’re talking! I used to have a crisp drawer! It’s sadly been downgraded to a crisp basket now, but overspills are stashed in the gun room so it’s not too bad! 😋

Get the vast majority of mine from Home Bargains; have never been in a Lidl, but not keen on Aldi crisps at all.

Agree with Billytheghillie, Tayto are great cheese and onion crisps! XL cheese can be quite overpowering at times, and Tayto are just a tad more subtle. 
Bobbys crisps are very very good; good flavours and excellent value for money. 

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27 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

You are just digging a deeper hole.    :lol:

I can just see the EDP front page headlines.


Norfolk man, neighbour to the King arrested for disorderly conduct in the snack aisle of a local supermarket.   :w00t:

Brings a new meaning to 'cheesy wotsits' 😵 🤣

My preference for crisps has gone down the Tyrrell's route,,,, specifically their sweet chili and the smoked paprika flavours 😋

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We were nigh on brought up on Smith's with the little blue salt bag inside , this was mainly because we had a Smith's crisp factory in town and a few deals were done with a pair of ducks, or a few fish in exchange for a few packets of crisps , we also had the penny packets that were more or less the sweepings from the floor , these came in a metal tin and nowadays the tin would be worth a few bob .

Now it is the odd packet of Kettles B B Q flavor or plain ones , with them now over two pound a packet it is certainly  just the very odd packet .     :good:

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Favourites in order!

Nicknaks (hot and spicy and the rib flavour)


Fish and chips (the ones in the small bag, evidently getting smaller)

Chip sticks


Walkers I would agree the taste and texture has changed and not for the better in my opinion.

Watsits now seem very poor with a mouthfull in a bag and they just don't taste the same. Bring back the good old E numbers, my palate yearns for them. :lol:

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2 hours ago, ph5172 said:

I remember brannigans in the paper bag. 
they were the only ones you could get from Victoria wine when the newsagents were closed 

yeah i remember them as well

have to steer well clear of these designer thick ribbed crisps...........they are too hard and cut the inside of my mouth.....will try the whotsits .....i like the salt &vinegar monster munches

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