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What's your dog called and why

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We've got Titan and Glimmer, the two collie dogs ( no idea why they're called that ). Wispa the sausage dog ( misses bred her and that litter all had chocolate bar themed kennel names ).

Then there is Mango the lurcher, she got her name as the misses text me and asked for suggestions on her name, I answered with the first thing I could think of, I was eating dried mango at the time!

Marvel the Belgian Malinois, just because she liked the name.

and Frank the labrador, named after a well known local fowler, Frank Harrison! 

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He's a black with white stripe staffy that I got from a shelter in Newcastle, knowing geordies I was sure he'd have been named after a player so after exhausting all of the players I knew I started on the managers, I got to Bobby (Robson) and his ears pricked up and he walked over to me :D



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Wife had a liver white and tan cocker called timber because he could not pass a tree without cocking his leg..

I had a liver and white springer called marco cracking gun dog.....now i have a mad black cocker with white flash on his chest 2 years old and is never happy unless he is fetching birds for me he's called rocco...



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Purdey: Gun

Dexter: Serial Killer

Boris: Sounded good at the time

Mila: after the girl from Resident evil


Darla: Vampire from Buffy

Judas: Named by Breeder

Darcy: very ladylike dog!

Spot: Not sure how that happened

Ripley: Alien, sigourney

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Turbo ...... because she goes like stink ?

Spot because she has a black spot on her back

Cinders because she's black as coal

Cole because he has a full black head

BenBen The Mighty because, well, he' a Jack Russell

Boris because, well, he's a Jack Russell and I like saying it in a Russian accent

Jono because we have a fellow trialling mate called Jono and we thought it would be hilarious on training days!

Everyone else has got 'normal' names 

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The spaniel as my profile pic was called Bertha after big bertha the super gun.

I carried this theme  on to my next dog a german shorthaired pointer and her Luger after the pistol.

Now I have a new puppy thats a German wirehaired pointer and he is called Claude after Claude green grass due to him having wire hair and looking scuffy.

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I once had a fell terrier puppy given when we got him he did not like bare legs any body in shorts or a dress he used to bite there legs so we  called him trousers . As he got older he got worse one night I was in the bath and the telephone rang I put towel around me and went down stairs to get the phone trousers was a sleep in front of the aga  I am talking to my girl friend and suddenly the dog has me by the back of my leg I managed to get him of but needed 10 stiches and a two hour wait in A&E after that we always made sure we had a pair of trousers on, he was the best working terrier I have owned and lived till he was 16 years old.

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