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Four days on from my Covid jab and I am still suffering from side effects and I am not bouncing around as usual. However there are pressing matters to deal with so the illness is sidelined.

The field opposite my house has had pigeons on it for weeks and I have been waiting for the right wind to shoot it. It took no more than five minutes to walk with my kit to the chosen spot and I was soon set up with the rotary but no other decoys. ‘You must be mad’ again echoed in my ears as I left the house so I promised that I would be back in an hour for some TLC.

The main line headed for the long wood in the picture. Those pigeons that came off it for a look decoyed as if on wires straight to the rotary. The first shots were relatively easy, the second shots in the near 40mph winds were not. I was in the hide for an hour and a quarter and shot and picked twenty four pigeons.





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Glad the after effects from the jab haven't dented your enthusiasm , good going in the short amount of time , plenty of fresh air , daily exercise and t l c when you get home , sound like you are nearly back to your old self :good:

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1 hour ago, old'un said:

well done for getting out and shooting a few, is it an old stubble field?

Direct drilled rape.

55 minutes ago, London Best said:

Never mind the shooting, more info needed on the TLC.

No chance.

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10 minutes ago, old'un said:

doesn't look to healthy, flea beetle?

No it's a good crop.

1 minute ago, dead eye alan said:

Well done JD, I notice that you had a different seat and not the drummers seat has it broken? We all need our heads testing at this time of year, but TLC will do.

That seat is just a bit lighter for a long carry. The drummers seat is the best.

32 minutes ago, JTaylor91 said:


Maybe the topic title is referring to the TLC.

It would be one or the other of those figures but not both.

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