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Just Cartridges Xtreme Game, 65mm, fibre wad, 30gram, 6's, in a Gordon case.......I bought a thousand, used them last season and they worked fine in my light SBS English Double 12......so will be using them again this season!

Before this I used Express supreme game....good cartridge!

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Ed Solomons is sponsored by Hull so he will get them direct.


I will be using a selection of carts I've collected from previous seasons so they will include 25g 6 express game some Caledonian 30g6 XL my favourite carts then some Hull Imperial 28g 6 some Hull Three Crowns and some Black Gold 32g5 for after Boxing Day.Dont what else I will find but it will get used at some point.


I was going to buy either some Georges Proper Carts or Hull Superfast Pigeon29g 6 as these are so close to my clay carts to not give a thought too.

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Ive been using lyalvale super game 32g no6 for the past few months on flighting pigeons in anticipation of the game season, taken many great birds from all ankles and killed well. Then I got given half a slab of rc sipe 32g no6 (green case fibre wad) and wow softer to shoot and even at some seriously high pigeons I'm killing them stone dead through full choke. Both pattern well enough. So I think I may well be going with the sipes!

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