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I’d just like to thank everyone who’s offered their help and advice to me during my quest to find a new pup, I really do appreciate it.  My decision is made. I've got a liver cocker bitch coming at the end of May!
I just need to get over the hardest part now, and decide on a name. My son’s best suggestions are Pickles or Runny! Of course the mrs is coming up with all sorts of flouncy ones like Felula-Tinkerbelle 😩
I just want something that won’t make me sound stupid calling it out in the field, and is a nice positive sounding name so she’ll recognise it on a noisy shoot day.
Here she is at 3 weeks old (I'm loving the little white toes), and a pic of the dam which should be roughly what the dog will look like as an adult
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3 minutes ago, Ultrastu said:

Tilly .

Beautiful dog by the way .

Not in the slightest bit envious 

Cheers :)  Some friends of ours got a cocker recently and called her Tilley!  We go on dog walks (ok pub trips) together.. you see the problem there!!  Good name suggestion though thanks ;)

2 minutes ago, Manish said:

How about Tips?? On account of the white toes!!! Bonny wee lass BTW

Tips.... I like that!  Tipsy?  Hmmm..  thanks mate :)

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If she's anything like the liver cocker bitch that I had (named Abbey)then you will find yourself calling her all sorts of names that I cannot write here lest they be censored 🤣, they really do like to keep you on your toes. I do like the name Pixie, but if you want a few looks when you call her you could go with Agnes or Betty

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use a short name....and a name that wont shame you...............your street cred will take a dive if you are out on a shoot and the dog is being naughty and you are shouting "Darling snookams" at it ....for everyone to hear...:lol:

mate had a jack russell once called Nigel..........that was quite funny

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Some great suggestions guys.  Still not decided!  Honestly, I spent less time deciding the name of my first-born son  (I just swapped my first and middle names around 😅)

Already got a Willow, we lost a Roxy last year, Pip is the name of the pup's mum...quite a few of the names suggested are already dogs that come out on our syndicate shoot so it might get a bit confusing!  This should be easier but you get yourself more in a pickle the more you try to think!

My favourite is Wicket which the mrs isn't too keen on but I quite like the Ewok reference, being a Star Wars fan, and she's brown and furry!

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17 hours ago, Jim Neal said:

I think we've decided on Hazel.

Problem is I've not got "that" feeling about it.


Hmmm, well I have just sat here and tried saying Hazel in a commanding manner, not working for me but its your dog, have fun on shoot days. :)

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