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Who's got a Land Rover?

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90 with 3.9 V8 LT85 gearbox Range Rover Classic rear axle and high geared final drive.  Have only been pulled in by Green Flag three times, once when the accelerator cable came adrift (a faulty new one just fitted) Green Flag man showed me how to up grade and prevent a problem in the future.  Second time the clutch master cylinder popped and the third time one of the rear discs broke away. The Land Rover is in constant use off road working not playing, hauled 2 tons of logs from a very wet field today the 25th load in the last four weeks, almost one a day.  31 years young.  I wonder what these Jap trucks will look like in 31yrs doing the same amount of work.

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I had a 110 hi cap 300tdi for work. Excellent load lugger but suffered all the usual problems, ujs, clutch cylinder, etc. Not had one for a while now, probably wouldn't have another (any Land rover), but only because I can't afford one. Love my subarus now anyway. 

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1995 300tdi and a 1994 300tdi. The 94 has a galvanised chassis and bulkhead which i've added a larger intercooler to, rewired (as it had SIII wiring) and fitting bits of chequer plate on.

I still need to take the winch bumper and tow pack off the 95 (Blue) and put them on the 'Squirrel'.

The car is grey and was (for a while) called "The Fokker" as I kept finding faults and problems due to the rebuilding skills (sic) of the previous owners restorer (known in this household as the 'Butchers of Hereford') and that the previous owner (who had picked the colour) told me it was RAL7012 - which is as close as you can get to the same grey the Nazis used to paint their aircraft in WW2.


The cars almost finished now, a couple of weeks away, then i'll sell 'bluey'



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